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« Ce que l’on conçoit bien s’énonce clairement » Nicolas Boileau « Le contenu vient avant le design. Un design sans contenu n'est pas un design, c'est une décoration » Jeffrey Zeldman

The advantages of using LawDesigner

Catch the attention

The initial element that captures attention is the visual. Its ability to engage is quite potent. If it is powerful and promptly conveys information or emotion, it can promote interaction, engagement, application, and respect for legal principles. Infographics can facilitate a better understanding of legal rules.

Placing the user at the center

The augmented lawyer serves as an empathetic partner and an advisor with a practical and operational mindset. They understand their client’s needs to provide the appropriate legal solution, which can take the form of a consultation, a contract, a newsletter, an explanation, training, and more. This solution should be crafted with the user’s objective in mind, ensuring it is structured, written, thought out, and delivered in an accessible and clear language.

Emphasize the lawyer's work

The ability to simplify complex concepts is what makes legal documents effective. This, in turn, reduces the frequency of recurring questions, enhances the lawyer’s brand image, integrates them into the value chain, and promotes a legal culture within the company.

Work in a collaborative manner

Involving clients in the project, working collaboratively, seeking client feedback, providing precise, concise, and clear legal analysis and advice to facilitate informed and prompt decision-making — all of these factors contribute to making it easier for the customer to proceed with their project.

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